Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask (2.8 fl oz)

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Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask (2.8 fl oz)

Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask (2.8 fl oz)

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Sierra W.
So far so good.

So far I very much enjoy this product. I was worried after seeing many people received it and it was dried out, but other than being �thick� and not creamy I have had no issue.

First, the look and packaging: simple, no hassle and my only complaint is the complimentary scoop is literally only attached by that sticky rubber tape type stuff. Its either leave it in that or drop it back in the product - I personally dont like leaving it in there because Id rather not dig it out once it gets to the point where Ive used a lot of the product. Again, this is no a bad thing just a preference thing.

Two, the scent: it is amazing! I love how clean and crisp it is and it makes wearing it easy.

Three, the application: it will sting! All the reviews I have seen and read will warn you that it does sting a bit especially when you first start using it. I expected this and while I got that sting it was not something that was unbearable where I couldnt leave it on for the recommended 10-15 minutes. Applying the polish does take a little warming up - I actually followed a fellow reviewers advise and warmed my dollop between my fingers to help loosen it up before massaging onto my skin. Also, and I noticed a very big difference, MAKE SURE YOUR SKIN IS DAMP! If not, you will basically just be tugging and pulling your skin trying to rub in the polish or end up using more than you need and running out of product sooner than you should. I use about a dime/nickel size amount and this is enough for my whole face as well as my neck (what you do to the face do to the neck !)

Four, the clean up: this polish is actually very heavy once its been sitting. And by that I mean it will take a little elbow grease to get it off. Just rinsing with warm water will not cut it, I felt a very noticeable residue when using just water to rinse. My method is actually using a warm rag and first using a circular method to help break up and clear off the residue before gently wiping with the rag and more warm water.

Five, the after: my skin after the first use was extremely soft! It was a bit red and irritated looking, but that was to be expected. I cut back on my normal after wash routine (serums, lotion, etc) as I didnt want to cause further irritation.

All in all Ive used this polish only three times (I have very sensitive skin and didnt want to cause any damage by going all out right out the gate with the recommended three times weekly) and my skin is noticeably softer and brighter. The photos provided are from before the first use and the second set are shown after the third use. I have very noticeable hormonal acne and so I break out often along my jawline and have had some scarring and dark spots. I wish I could have taken better pictures but this stuff (so far) has been wonderful on my skin helping even out my skin tone and brighten those dark spots.

P.S. I use a thicker night cream to moisturize after using this as my skin has been more thoroughly scrubbed and I dont want to dry out.

Mark Patrick

Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask (2.8 fl oz)

Sebrina Mcleish
Glow in a jar

Instant glow!..after washing off the mask, my skin instantly feels softer and brighter.

Very effective

Creates an amazing glow

Emily Trentman

Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask (2.8 fl oz)


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